Remember the Titans

Last night, I re-watched “Remember the Titans” because it recently showed up on Netflix here in the DR and let’s be real, it’s one of my favorite sports movies ever. (Side note: I’m not a huge sports fan unless it’s college football, specifically Michigan State football, but I LOVE SPORTS MOVIES. The passion, the hard work, the underdog stories – I can’t get enough. Okay, end rant).

At one point while watching, I started sobbing; it wasn’t even the part where Gary gets into a car accident. I honestly can’t remember exactly what part it was. But as I considered how the Titans & the town of Alexandria were on edge because of race, school integration, changes in head coaches, learning to work & play & live side by side with each other, an overwhelming emotion poured out as I considered this thought:

“I don’t understand how anyone can blatantly hate another human being simply on the basis that their skin is a different color.”

I don’t write this to start some kind of political debate or make a huge social statement. I just write this because it struck me so poignantly last night how race issues, along with many other issues, at their basis, are a misunderstanding of how each person holds the same innate value as any other person. We are all created in “imago dei” – the image of God. I’m reminded of a Matt Chandler sermon where he addresses this, saying that all races come from Adam & are made in the image of God; ethnic diversity shows God’s glory in a greater way. It is never justified to treat a human like an animal, because it is a mockery of His image in that person. [A Beautiful Design sermon series by The Village Church, or you can watch this video clip]

Right now, I live with people who are a different race than me. I work with people who are a different race than me. I buy my food from, worship on Sunday morning with, seek advice from people who are a different race than I am. And I cannot imagine hating any of them without getting to know them because they are different from me. I cannot imagine closing myself off to the beautiful & inspiring & mutual friendships I have. I cannot imagine feeling as though they have nothing to teach me; feeling as though I am better than them because of this skin color dubbed “white.”

I still remember something Heather Owen wrote in a blog post once about differences in color of skin, race, culture. It has stuck with me & often comes to mind when I think or speak about these issues. As I close this post, hoping only to share something the Lord reminded me of, hoping only to continue being reminded that each human is created with the same value, I will share her words with you.

The only color that matters is RED: the blood of Jesus Christ, which covers us all.

Heather Owen

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