Romans 5.

romans 5

[I recently finished memorizing Romans 5. There is so much good Truth in this chapter. Above are two of my favorite verses & below are a few of my thoughts on this chapter.]

God is so much better at giving gifts than we are. What we did & deserved He gave the opposite. His gift through Christ of salvation was a response to our broken condition, not our goodness. Nothing good in us, nothing based on what I did or what I do – it’s all His good gift-giving. It’s all His grace. Christ’s righteousness becomes mine, all because the Father knows how to give good & perfect gifts.

Christ’s obedience outweighs my disobedience. I am saved because of Christ’s life. Sin is my first nature, but I don’t have to stay there. I can receive God’s abundant provision of grace & His gift which is a stark opposite of the trespass I was born into. I become justified instead of a lawbreaker because of Christ’s gift of obedience to replace my disobedience. I have true life – life in my spirit – because of Christ’s obedience & God’s grace. My new character is righteousness.

[May the Lord continue to challenge me to trust & obey & believe all that He says.]

Know, believe, surrender to, pay attention to, & walk in the Word.

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