One of the shirts on my T-shirt quilt is from my first ever mission trip to Panama. I was not quite 14 years old when I applied for the trip. While I was home for Christmas, I found the copy of my application. Here was my response to the first question: Please describe in a paragraph why you feel God wants you to participate in a Brio missions trip.

“I really feel God is calling me to give up my life to Him and become a missionary. I feel like this is the first step to serving God with my career for the rest of my life. I believe that He wants me to go on this trip – I believe that with my whole heart. I just want to follow His plan for me, and I think that this is the type of thing He has in store for me.”

Talk about insight from my younger self! What confidence she had in her calling. Here I sit, almost 14 years after writing that, entering into my third year as a full-time missionary, marveling at the journey the Lord has brought me on. God can always use our pasts, and even the paths we took away from His plans, to bring glory to His name. Looking at my own life, I believe it with all my heart…just as I believed at 13 with all my heart that God had an adventure of surrender in store for me.

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