The Spot

I found myself at MSU this past weekend to visit with Alex, since it’s halfway between our current locations. While we were walking, I stopped her at this specific spot so I could take a picture. Seems like a pretty regular place; nothing special to see here. But I stopped, and took a picture, because this place holds a significant memory for me.

the spot

This is where I first heard about Lily House.

I was on the phone with Sharon Dees, who with her husband is the director of SCORE Domestic, formerly Youth on Mission. Alex and I had both gone on a mission trip with their organization in 2010, where we got to meet and spend time with Sharon. And my senior year of college, after making my commitment to serve in missions after graduation, I reached out to Sharon to see if there were opportunities to serve.

As we talked and she shared about the recent partnership with SCORE International, she asked me what my major was. “Women’s and Gender Studies,” I replied. And that’s when I first heard about Lily House. Sharon shared about the ministry with me, and told me I could do an internship specifically working with them.

Without knowing – and how could I? – God had just set a plan in motion that was bigger than I could ever imagine.

Over 3 years later, I am packing my bags as I prepare to move and join the Lily House team. All of this to say: you never know who, or what conversation, or what bit of news or information, or when the Lord is going to begin a work in you.

Take in the moments. Live them. Listen. Observe. Reflect and remember.

If you look close enough, the threads of God’s story and plan are evident.

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