I’ve posted this picture before, since it was taken on my “Decisionaversary” on 12/31/12. It was taken one year to the day since I had made a commitment to spend my first year after college graduation doing mission work. I hadn’t done my internship with Lily House yet. But it seems appropriate to post again today. When this picture was taken, I had no idea that 13 days shy of 4 years after making that decision, I would be able to say:

I am at 100% of my monthly need for full-time missionary support.

The LORD is FAITHFUL; the LORD is GOOD; the LORD’S timing is PERFECT. He knew I would meet my deadline – TODAY – of being at 100%. He knew I would be able to leave for the field in early January. And in the moments where I doubted and struggled to believe He could make it happen – He was there. He gently drew me to Himself and showed me His faithfulness through opening the hearts of many friends, family, and people I just met to support me in my ministry to Lily House. ALL THE GLORY belongs to God for bringing generous partners to come alongside my ministry and the Lily House ministry through sacrificial giving of prayers and finances. He has prepared a place for me; He has called me; and He has provided those who will SEND. May we all have Beautiful Feet.

The JOY of the LORD is my STRENGTH.

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