Rocking My Socks Off

socks offThe past few days, Jesus has been rocking my socks off.

Which is really just a funny way of saying He has blown me away with His faithfulness.

He is faithful, even when I am not.

When I needed to be brought back into the right perspective of why I’m doing what I’m doing, He revealed Himself in His Word. He reminded me that my calling is to do the work of the Father. I’m called to do this both universally and specifically. Everyone who has found hope and salvation in Christ is called to be part of God’s work, to grow into deeper relationship with Him and participate in the Great Commission by sharing the love of God with others – this is God’s universal work for us. But He does also call us into specific work – to use the unique gifts, talents, passions, and training we each have to be part of universal Kingdom Work.

Right now, the specific work set out before me is support raising. I needed to be reminded that my specific work is part of the universal work – that by sending letters, messages, texts, making phone calls, and having appointments, I am sharing God’s love with others, participating in the Great Commission by inviting others to be part of God’s work in the DR, and growing in deeper relationship with Christ as I trust Him to provide for all my needs.

So to anyone who has spoken to me or responded to a text or Facebook message recently, I want you to know God used you to be an encouragement to this little heart of mine that is so often filled with anxiety. You pushed me to Christ by making me realize it is a PRIVILEGE to invite people into the work God is doing in my life and at Lily House. Know that I see Jesus and His purpose for me more clearly because of you.

ALL the glory is His for the work He is doing

– universal and specific –

in each of us.

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