Next Journey Steps

This post is probably a bit overdue; please accept my apologizes for that. I think I’ve been waiting for the “perfect time” and have finally realized there’s no such thing.

On January 30th, 2015, I committed to start the process of applying to be a full-time missionary with SCORE, International in the Dominican Republic. It was something that I had been pretty confident of for quite some time, but it took another visit to the Dominican after being home in the States for 7 months before I finally surrendered to God’s prodding. I’m grateful for the confidence He has given me, and I truly believe part of my confirmation came from returning home and living life here for awhile before making the decision.

Psalm 33:10-11 says, “The LORD foils the plans of the nations; he thwarts the purposes of the peoples. But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” (emphasis mine). I shared this verse as my Last Words as a Senior at MSU Real Life, because it had spoken to me about how I can make my own plans, but only when my plans are in line with God’s will they succeed. I continue to return to this verse as I think about God’s heart for missions and His desire for all people to know His name. That plan, and the Great Redemption Plan through Christ, will stand firm through each generation. And what a priviledge it is to be part of God’s plan and His purpose. He deserves all the glory for leading me through my own plans and desires and moves and directions, guiding my heart to line up with His and my desire to be serving Him in His Kingdom Work.

Romans 8 gives me so much encouragement as I continue to move through the process of applying, being accepted, support raising, and moving to the DR. God has called me His own (v. 16), has made me alive in Christ (v. 10), I am more than a conqueror (v. 37), God is working all things for my good (v. 28), and nothing can separate me from His love (v. 38-39).

I have been accepted to serve full-time with SCORE, International. I will be primarily returning to work again with Lily House, living in the house with the women and their children as the “House Mom/House Big Sis.” I will be in charge on nights and most weekends to be sure things run smoothly as well as be an encouragement and support for the ladies. I will be working in other areas of the ministry as well as being involved with local church ministry and other ministries at the Score Complex.

There are still a lot of details to be worked out, but I’m continuing to trust God and rely on Him through the process. The doubts and worries and insecurities are still there, but God is bigger than all of them. I will hopefully be attending training at the end of July and from there will see how the support raising process is going as far as a date for leaving for the field. I am trusting that God will allow me to return before the year is out, as the need for someone to stay in the house with the women is big, and I’m anxious to follow-through on the calling He’s given me. But again, I’m trying to rest in His timing, as I know it is perfect and better than my own.

I am so excited to take all the next steps in this journey. I know this adventure with Christ is going to be more than I can imagine. Grateful to everyone who has been and will continue to pray for me, support me and send me!

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