List of Thoughts

A random list of bullet-points with thoughts, things the Lord’s been teaching me, and things I’ve been up to.

  • I leave to head back to the States on Wednesday. 4 days. Prayers as I start saying goodbyes (although I’m determined to say “See you later” instead of goodbye) to not just the Lily House ladies and staff, but also to great missionary friends, other interns, bus drivers, guards, cooks, maids, church members – everyone who makes up my Dominican Family.
  • God didn’t just give me good friends, He gave me good friends who love Jane Austen movies.
  • The beach is pretty, but I’m really excited to be at the lake.
  • The opportunity was presented to me to watch my cousins for the summer, so starting the Monday after I return home, I’ll be hanging out with Kat and Kam during the week while my aunt and uncle are working. I have lots of ideas for activities and fun outings and crafts and adventures, as well as rest and reading and relaxation time, so I need to make up a “schedule” for us so that we can have an amazing summer.
  • I’m going to have to work at not being addicted to my phone when I get home. When I’m face-to-face with people, I need to be giving them my attention.
  • The Lord continues to challenge me to trust Him. Whether it’s long-term plans for the future, conversations I’ll have when I get home, or the moments where I’ve been frustrated the past few weeks, He’s constantly encouraging me to give up worry and doubt and control to Him. I keep being reminded of the ways He has followed through in the past and this helps as new issues come my way.
  • “There’s nothing greater than Your love, You’re more than we can imagine. There’s nothing sweeter on this earth, You’re more than we can imagine. Our hearts respond to who You are, it’s You alone that we admire. You are more, You are more, You are more than we can imagine.” -Rend Collective
  • I got to go to the aquarium with the Lily House kids! It was a morning of laughter, excitement, and just joy as I myself was amazed at how creative God is and how excited the kids were to see all the different types of fish and water life.
  • At women’s small group the past two Wednesday nights, we talked about how God uses everything to teach us something about Himself. We talked about the physical hunger we have and the necessity of eating, and how that reminds us of our spiritual hunger and need for the Lord every day. If I stuff myself with food tonight, to the point where I can’t eat any more, won’t I still need to eat the next morning when I get up? The food I eat today doesn’t satisfy me for tomorrow. It’s the same with God; spending time with the Lord today doesn’t satisfy my need to spend time with Him tomorrow. EVERY DAY, I need the Lord. EVERY DAY, I need to spend time with Him because He’s the bread of life. He’s also living water, and my thirst for Him isn’t supposed to go away. If I’m trying to fill my cup with things that aren’t the Lord, I’m always going to be thirsty; I have to be filled with the Spirit. And to be filled with the Spirit isn’t hard: EVERY DAY, I just have to wake up and ask the Lord to fill me, and it’s done.
  • Living and working at Lily House continues to stretch me and push me to rely on the Lord, walking in HIS strength and using HIS words and thinking HIS thoughts. It’s hard, I won’t lie. And some days, I fail at doing all things the way God wants me to do them. But He continues to give me grace and continues to challenge me to confront lies that I’m believing and replace them with His truth. I’ve learned the importance of being in the Word and knowing the Word; I’ve seen the actual, physical difference in a day where I’ve spent time reading the Word and when I haven’t. I’ve been easily frustrated the past few weeks, and when my temper starts to rise or I begin to speak in a harsh tone, I have to check my heart attitude, breathe, and pray for the Lord to help me through the day/conversation.
  • I’m excited to spend quality time with family and friends who I’ve greatly missed over the past 5 months. I’m excited to sleep in my own bed. I’m not super excited about having to pack up my entire room, but I am excited for the new adventures and memories God has in store for my family as we move to new homes. Continued prayers for the sale of my parent’s house are appreciated!
  • I really can’t imagine life without the Lord. Truly. Where would the purpose be? Where would the true adventure be? I am so grateful for my salvation.

Thank you for all your prayers, love, encouragement, support, and partnership over the past 9 months as I have been on a crazy journey with the Lord. I love you all!

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