Exodus 3-4 (Karleigh’s paraphrase)

Moses says, “Who am I to do this task you have set before me?” God says, “I will be with you. You will worship me on this mountain.”

Moses asks, “What if they ask me who has sent me?” God answers,I AM WHO I AM. Say, ‘I AM sent me.’ This has been and always will be my name. They will listen; Pharaoh will not, but I will make him listen.”

Moses says, “What if they don’t believe me? What if they say you didn’t really speak to me?” God says, “Take your staff; throw it on the ground.” When it became a snake, He said, “Pick it up again,” and it became a staff once more. Again God said, “Put your hand into your cloak,” and when Moses did, it became leprous – until God said, “Put it back in your cloak,” and God restored it. God said, “These will be my signs to my people that I have sent you.”

Moses explains, “I’m not a good speaker; never have been, never will be.” God replies, “Who has given all men the ability to speak, or not to speak; to hear, or not to hear; to see, or not to see? Aren’t I – the LORD – the one who does this? Go – I will give you the words.”

Moses exclaims, “Please, not me! Send someone else!” God replies, “What about your brother? He is coming now to meet you, and you will speak to him, and he will speak to the people, and I will be heard through you both. Take your staff and GO.”


Praise the Lord that I’m not the only one. That I’m not the first person to doubt God will give me the ability to face what He has placed before me. I’m slowly, continually, learning this lesson – that God isn’t calling me to figure everything out, He’s calling me to obedience. I don’t know exactly what that looks like in my life. I don’t have the answer. I don’t know if the next time I recognize my need to trust the Lord more fully, that I actually will. Tomorrow, when something happens and I start to worry, I don’t know how soon I’ll take that worry to the Lord and trust Him to handle it. But, I can’t express in words how amazing it is that we have a God who has set in place an epic redemption story since the beginning of time. It’s something I’m seeing as I read the Old Testament – that God’s plan has ALWAYS been to be in deep, meaningful relationship with His people. And so when I have trouble trusting Him, when my worries and doubts overwhelm me, He isn’t going to give up on me. He’s going to keep pursuing me, keep teaching me, keep placing people and situations in my life to help me learn how to trust Him more. The God I serve is bigger than all this – and He’s only getting bigger, never smaller.

One thought on “Exodus 3-4 (Karleigh’s paraphrase)

  1. The great truth we have found…God has always had the same plan…a relationship with man. Our trouble is not with God being inadequate….it is that we do not recognize the greatness of this relationship to God through His Son. Our problem is not going to Jesus, because he is always with us….our problem lies in not listening to the constant prompting of the Holy Spirit to focus on Jesus. In this place…He is teaching you to MUCH and I get to join you in the learning process. Love

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