Short and Sweet

Two posts in one week?! haha.

This is just a quick post to thank you all for praying for me as I processed with the Lord whether I’d be returning to the DR after the first of the year. I’d like to let everyone know that I am officially approved for a second internship with SCORE at Lily House. Currently my thought is to return in mid-January after about a month at home for Christmas and more support raising, and to stay for 5 months until mid-June.

Please continue to pray for me as I make arrangements, begin raising support, and talk about what new responsibilities I may have when I return. Pray also that as I finish out my last few weeks here, I would continue to be present, surrendering the future to Jesus and relying on Him. I’m so grateful the Lord has given me the opportunity to serve His people in the DR and I want to be faithful to what He calls me to do right now and after I return.


Some of the girls that I live with at LH – impromptu photo shoot on Monday!

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