Quick Update – Week Nine

Things have been pretty busy over the last few days at LH as we prepared for this coming week, Women’s Mission Week. Basically all day Thursday, Friday, and half the day on Saturday were spent making jewelry and then getting it prepared by putting on tags and pricing. It was all hands on deck to get everything done! But in some ways, I kind of enjoyed having a deadline on the tasks and needing to stay focused and organized and even help to delegate a few tasks as well.
Women’s Week is now upon us! The conference officially starts today at 7pm, but most of the women have already arrived, and many of them spent the morning at the businesses at LH, so I helped out in the bakery getting them all feed yummy treats. I even got to test eat one of the coffee-chocolate-chip muffins that came out a little lopsided 🙂
Please pray for the conference this week, that the women who are here would have servant hearts. And pray for the team who helped organize the conference, that we would have servant hearts as well. I’m excited to see how the Lord encourages, convicts, and challenges all of us this week. For me personally, please pray that I wouldn’t feel inadequate in my job as photographer…I’ve already seen a few cameras that are nicer than mine so just pray that I would give my all in getting creative shots and capturing moments that others might not have the opportunity to.
Also, a HUGE congratulations to my beautiful, amazing big sister Courtney on her engagement! I’m so excited to have Sean join our family as my brother-in-law. Please pray for them and this next step in their relationship, that God would continue to draw them closer to Him.



I won’t be able to blog this week during the conference, but look for an update the following week! As always, I am thankful for and love you all.

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