I have been so overwhelmed by the Lord’s faithfulness today. I haven’t been feeling well today, and I was just starting to feel overwhelmed about everything I need to do and prepare for in the 23 days before I leave. So I finally just sat and prayed, “Lord, I can’t do thisbut I know that you can. Help me to cling to that truth.”

He is faithful to provide what we need. I received more support in the mail today. I got a call from Tori and we were able to encourage each other to boast in our weaknesses, because it is then that the Lord is strong. I need to continually be reminded that my ability to do God’s work is through His work within me. The Spirit that raised Christ from the grave is the same Spirit that dwells in me and gives new life to my old man (Romans 8:11).

“I will remain confident in this: I will see the goodness of the Lord.” He keeps opening my eyes to the truth of His promise to be with me always and equip me to do the work He has placed before me.

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